Study Tour to California

10 days of the very best in Psychology, Psychotherapy and Psychiatry

..... along Highway 1 and the Pacific Ocean

Sightseeing, Academic & Clinical Prog. - Day 1-3
Sightseeing, Academic & Clinical Prog. - Day 4-6
Sightseeing, Academic & Clinical Prog. - Day 7-10
Study Tour News

Sightseeing, Academic and Clinical Program:

4th day: Stanford University

Breakfast in downtown Palo Alto - get an inside look of what it is like to study psychology at Stanford University when we tour the campus and visit the Department of Psychology

  • 9.00 Campus Tour
  • Meeting with Ian Gotlib (Clinical Psychology) on “Depression and Psychotherapy”
  • Meeting with Philip Zimbardo (Social Psychology), one of the leading psychologists in the U.S. on “The perception of Time”
  • 12.00 lunch on Campus
  • 2.00pm join Stanford students for an outstanding class in Psychology
  • Coffee and cheese-cake at Stanford Shopping Mall (best mall in town)
  • Dinner in Palo Alto

5th day: VA - Hospital in Menlo Park

Experience Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy in Practice when we visit the Homeless Veterans Rehabilitation Program at the VA Hospital in Menlo Park. Discussion with the clinical team will follow live Group Therapy sessions (Morning session, phase change, double and triple column)

  • 8.30 — 12.00 therapy sessions
  • 12.00 lunch at the VA hospital
  • 1.00pm — 3.30pm therapy sessions and open questions forum
  • 3.30 coffee break and staff meeting
  • (5.00 surprise)
  • Dinner in Palo Alto

6th day: "Stanford Children’s Clinic”

  • 9.00 — 12.00: Visit the Stanford Children’s Clinic and its outstanding program for anorectic kids and their families — meet with Hans Steiner, Anne Shapman, James Lock and other members of the therapeutic staff, to discuss the various treatment settings at the clinic

  • 12.30 lunch in Palo Alto

  • Free afternoon for shopping, coffee, bookstores….

  • 7.00pm big surprise party