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Webster AlumNews, Winter 2007

"...the three day conference hosted more than 170 participants and 25 national and international experts in the area of burnout and job engagement. Its goal was to bring together world-renowned researchers and practitioners, and give participants a fascinating and thoughtprovoking insight into the many current issues pertaining to burnout. Among them, Cary Cooper (England),Ben Furman (Finland),Christina Maslach (USA),Michael Leiter (Canada), Ina Rösing (Germany), Arnold Bakker and Wilmar Schaufeli(both from the Netherlands), and Webster Vienna’s own Stefan Geyerhofer, adjunct professor of psychology."

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THE VIENNA REVIEW / Nov. 2006 / Vol.4 No. 5

"Battling Burnout - The conference, from Oct. 5-7, had been the brain-child of psychologist Stefan Geyerhofer, professor at Webster University Vienna, who gathered the leading researchers and writers in the field, including Christina Maslach, Michael Leiter, Ben Furman, Cary Cooper, Arnold Bakker and Wilmar Schaufeli."


WEBSTER WORLD, Winter 2007

"....these shocking statistics served as the premise for the first international conference on “Burnout and Job Engagement” in Vienna, organized by Webster University- Vienna’s psychology department. More than 170 people attended the three-day conference, including 25 national and international experts in the area of burnout and job engagement. Panelists included Cary Cooper from England, Ben Furman from Finland, Christina Maslach from the United States, Michael Leitner from Canada, Ina Rösing from Germany, Arnold Bakker and Wilmar Schaufeli from the Netherlands, and Webster’s own Stefan Geyerhofer, adjunct professor of psychology." DOWNLOAD


WIENER ZEITUNG, Mi. 4. April 2007

"Ein Doyen des Unglücks - Weltweite Trauer herrscht um den gebürtigen Kärntner Psychotheraoeuten und Philosophen Paul Watzlawick"

„Es gab keinen anderen Österreicher, der die Entwicklung der systemischen Therapie so mitbestimmt hat“, würdigte Stefan Geyerhofer, ein ehemaliger Student von Paul Watzlawick den Denker.


WEBSTER WORLD, Spring 2004

"Stefan Geyerhofer, adjunct professor, Vienna, presented his work on the integration of systemic family therapy models at the first European conference of Strategic and Systemic Therapies in Arezzo,Italy. At the conference’s closing ceremony, Geyerhofer was elected board member of the newly founded European Network for Strategic and SystemicTherapies. The board was established to help facilitate research and communication among interactional psychotherapists in Europe."


WEBSTER WORLD, Summer 2004

 "Psychology Tour meets best in the field - Webster-Vienna Psychology instructor Stefan Geyerhofer organized the fourth Psychology Study Tour of the San Francisco Bay area March 12-22. Psychology students on this year’s tour visited several outstanding academic and clinical programs, including the psychology departments at Stanford University and the University of California-Berkeley, Stanford University Children’s Hospital, the Mental Research Institute in Palo Alto, and the VA Psychiatric Hospital in Menlo Park".